A Reality Check About Osteoporosis.

February 03 , 2020
A Reality Check About Osteoporosis.

When you were young, and your parents told you to drink milk every day, you whined saying you don’t want to but in retrospect, here’s a little reality check. You should have because milk is the highest supplier of calcium, which when combined with the right kind of protein powder, will provide you with enough substance that is needed in a body.

Calcium is very important for the body because the absence of it can lead to the brittleness of the bones making them soft and dissolving their strength.  This particular condition is known as osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is often considered quite an alarming condition because it absorbs and replaces the bone tissues and as the name suggests, makes them porous. A diagnosis of osteoporosis brings to notice that the new bone creations do not stick with the old ones making the bones vulnerable.

The symptoms, treatment, and how to stop this: Many people do not even understand that they have osteoporosis until they have had their bones fractured. In this case, details to finer points can bring attention to this.

  • Pain (caused by either fracture or collapsed vertebrae)
  • Loss of height
  • Halted posture.
  • Brittleness of the bone which should be indicated by the vulnerability of the bone.

This is a common occurrence in middle aged people. Women who have hit menopause are also susceptible. Taking supplements at an early age can prove to be helpful. It is advised that these supplements be taken only under a doctor’s guidance.

Orthopedic Screws

A good and healthy diet that will supply almost everything that is needed in order to avoid the chances of being affected by osteoporosis comprises of protein, calcium, vitamin D followed with a good and healthy lifestyle, implying that one should invest more time on exercising. The nutritional supplements are important too, and one has to keep track of it.

Facts about osteoporosis: Here are some of the facts about osteoporosis that would blow your mind.

  • Patients suffering from osteoporosis have to be extra careful as there are higher chances of breakage of bones, which later has to be mended using orthopedic equipment.
  • In osteoporotic bone fracture, one needs the orthopedic screws installed in the right place and right order to hold it right.
  • The stability and the higher risk of development are dependent on the placement of the orthopedic screws.
  • The risk of being affected by osteoporosis can also be determined by your lifestyle. Someone who spends a sedentary lifestyle is more at risk of getting affected with osteoporosis than those who walk and stay active regularly.
  • More than 10 million cases of osteoporosis are registered alone in India.
  • The most common osteoporosis fracture sites are the wrist, spine, shoulder, and hip.
  • Osteoporotic fractures are more common than heart attacks.

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