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About Matrix

Matrix Meditec was started in 2004 with the single-minded focus to provide world class implants and instruments to our users. Since then, matrix has come a long way. With a business that spans over 30 countries, Matrix has now established a name for itself in the industry across the globe. We are driven by radical engineering and superior technology to help people with orthopedic imparities lead the most comfortable lives. Our product range spans from trauma, spine, joint to hip replacement and instruments. We believe that our inclusive range of products, assertion on high quality, ingenious production, a wide network spread across 30 + countries and ever growing relations with stakeholders in the healthcare industry is the main reason behind Matrix’s success in the fraternity of orthopedic implants and instruments.


Matrix was formed in 2004, by Mr. Vipul Sheth & Mr. Falgun Sheth with the view to provide world class healthcare to our clientele .With almost 20 years of experience in the area of Medical Devices and Healthcare, which includes continuing representation of CARL ZEISS, Germany across India for more than 18 years and having represented Synthes (now DePuy Synthes), USA, a global leader in orthopedic implants, for more than 10 years. Since then, under their guidance and leadership, Matrix has gone to become one of the market leaders for orthopedic implants and instruments in India. 


Our mission is to bring advancement in health care technology and improve health disparities by providing authentic, high quality and comprehensive products, achieved in a manner of fairness, honesty and corporate responsibility.


Matrix aims to bring advancement in the field of orthopedic implants and develop products that aids healthcare professional treat their patients better. We also strive to create the perfect corporate environment where our investors, clients and users benefits. Matrix also aspires to be recognized as one of the leaders in the market for orthopedic implants.


The Matrix Network is continually growing and evolving. Our global network brings together a unique combination of innovation and ideas that help us generate the perfect products for our end users. Our network comprises of some of the most dedicated health care professionals and the brightest minds that strive to create the best experience for you. With over 140 distributors spread across the length and breadth of India and a presence in over 30 plus countries, Matrix has emerged as one of the finest orthopedic device companies.


Our philosophy at Matrix is to provide the most advanced innovative and high end healthcare products at affordable price to our users.

To bring these values into play, we employ some of the most cutting edge technologies and machineries as a part of our infrastructure.

Today Matrix boasts an arsenal of:

  • Class 10,000 facility for aseptic manufacturing, approved by the Indian FDA.
  • Robotic & advanced CNC machines to achieve high degree of precision in our implants.
  • Special profile cutting machines to produce intrinsic anatomical shapes.
  • CNC machines with sliding head Swiss technology for manufacturing a range of screws in large volume and with perfect precision.
  • Efficient CNC machines to take care of a range of implants of high accuracy and their timely delivery
  • State of the art laboratory and high standard sterile zone created.
  • High velocity Spray Technology for coating which provides a uniform coating and better adhesion.


Matrix Meditec has been certified by a globally renowned certified body especially in medical & healthcare field and has been awarded an ISO 13485: 2016 for strictly upholding the quality standards.

The manufacturing facility has been granted the Indian FDA and all its products are approved by European Council (CE regulatory body) for strictly following Class II B medical device quality standards.