Single Puncture Laparoscope

  • Single Puncture Laparoscope

Technical Features:                    601-011-00

Mechanical Angle:                    proximal end 2 x 90°
Sterilization:                              autoclavable, max, 134°c / 2.2 bar/ 5 min ETO, Cidex
Working length:                        270mm

Diameter:                                   11mm
Working Channel:                     Dia. 6.0mm
The direction of view:                 0°        

Light Post:                                  90° ACMI; Wolf; Storx; Olympus-compatible turned at 90°
Instrument Post:                         Storz-Compatible
Eyepiece:                                    Ocular Din 58105 Threaded
Objective:                                   Tension-Free Objective
Image Transmission:                  CAD-designed rod lens system for optimal sharpness
                                                    ColorSync, and resolution

Light-Guiding System:           High-Quality light fibres
Optical Glass:                         Distal and proximal sapphire

Biocompatibility:                    All materials that come in contact with the body are biocompatible. All metal parts are made of high-quality Stainless Steel

"Working Environment: All equipment is good for working up to 50° C and 100% relative humidity"


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