MP Universal Plate

  • MP Universal Plate

It is used for treatment of Pilon Fractures, Trimalleolar Fractures, Bi-Malleolar Fracture, Cubiod Fracture, Navicular Fracture, Lisfranc, Syndesmosis Injury, Ankle Arthrodesis, Triple Arthrodesis, Calcaneal Cubiod, Metarsocuneiform Fusion, Lapidus, Fibula Fractures, Talonaviculocuneiform Fusion, Radius Fracture, Ulna Fracture, Clavicle Fracture and more.


- Available in Left and Right
- Available in sizes of 2 Holes, 4 Holes, 6 Holes, 8 Holes and 10 Holes.
- Available in Titanium 
- Screw Used: 3.5mm LHS Screw, 3.5mm Flat Head Cortex Screw


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