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With a vision to be the best provider of high quality orthopaedic products, Consistent quality and high degree of precision in every implant is obviously a core element of Matrix's philosophy.

Hence, Matrix possesses highly advanced imported machineries as a part of its infrastructure.

Today Matrix boasts an arsenal of

  • Indian FDA Approved – Class 10, 000 Facility for aseptic manufacturing
  • Robotic machines & advanced CNC machines to achieve high degree of precision in our implants.
  • Special profile cutting machines to cut intrinsic anatomical shapes
  • CNC machines with sliding head Swiss technology to produce a range of screws in large volume and with perfect precision.
  • Dedicated CNC machines to take care of a range of implants of high accuracy and their timely delivery
  • State of the art laboratory and high standard sterile zone created
  • High velocity Spray Technology utilized for coating which provides uniform coating and better adhesion.

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